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Money Transfer

From as little as £3*
Send money worldwide swiftly, safely, and without costing too much, direct to a bank account or to a cash pick up location.

Travel Money

Best rates available
Order your travel money at our branches or for Next Day Home Delivery*. Alternatively get one of our secure travel money cards for worldwide use available in EUR, USD & GBP.

Why Inara?

  • Authorised and regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
  • Segregated client accounts for increased security
  • Worldwide coverage for private and business transactions
  • Lower fees and better rates than banks and traditional money transfers
  • No Agents hence better service
* World Wide Coverage from £3

The money transfer company you can trust

Whe you send money abroad, you need to feel confident that it´s going to get there swiftly, safely and without costing too much. We understand what it´s like to be working in the UK while supporting family back home, because we´ve been there.

Inara-Transfers Ltd.

Is authorised and regulated, by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), firm number 572188, as a Payment Institution (API), as required under the payment services regulation 2009.  We are also registered with HMRC as a Money Services Business, registration number 12115403.  Inara-Transfers Ltd. is registered in England and Wales, Company Registration number 3786396, incorporated in 1999.

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