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Business Policies

Our business policy commits all areas of the company such as:

-Trade policy provides top-level suppliers with a presence in the market, by virtue of 16+ years of experience, financial robustness, and strict adherence to legal regulations.

-Recruitment and maintenance policy guarantees that we do not expose our customers and our company to risk.

-AML policy requires manuals and procedures to maintain checks on operations carried out in accordance with money laundering and terrorist financing regulations, and our continued development of in-house developed
Software allows us to apply tools necessary for legal compliance in accordance with requirements internationally and especially in UK, thus preventing actions conducive to money laundering.

-Financial policy is based on liquidity, solvency, and risk control, protecting the interests of those who are part of the business.

-Growth policy is backed by responsibility not to compromise the viability of the company, this being consistent with all policies that underpin the business, as described above.

The friendly Money Transfer company.

Inara-Transfers Ltd.

Is authorised and regulated, by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), firm number 572188, as a Payment Institution (API), as required under the payment services regulation 2009.  We are also registered with HMRC as a Money Services Business, registration number 12115403.  Inara-Transfers Ltd. is registered in England and Wales, Company Registration number 3786396, incorporated in 1999.

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